Jennifer Brockie

‘Advocate for the Damaged and Broken’, Jennifer Brockie, is an Australian author / life coach who calls the beautiful Sunshine State of Queensland home. Born in Sydney, New South Wales, Jennifer has lived a life that has been far from ordinary. Her writing takes you on a journey through the eyes of a woman who has witnessed great beauty in the world, along with overwhelming tragedy and unspeakable trauma. It’s through these life experiences that Jennifer is able to connect with both readers and clients on a personal level with the goal to help others find peace with their own inner demons. Through self-expression and her ability to coach others, she hopes to help the process of healing with the message, “You’re not alone in your pain. And, you have the ability to rise above it.”
Jennifer’s variety of work has already reached the homes and lives of many. In the year 2000, her short novel, “Forbidden Fix” made its informative debut in the Australian media, highlighting the issues of teenage drug abuse and addiction. Since its release, Jennifer has become an ally for the damaged and the broken. Her hard-hitting stories cover a range of subjects such as addiction, abuse, domestic violence and many other topics many find daunting to cover. Through her words and coaching, Jennifer is actively trying to break the victim-shaming cycle and free the broken from their shackles of self-loathing and discomposure.

“True healing begins once your story is told out loud.”

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